About magnetic water softeners

This type of water softeners is new and treats water in a more different way then classic water softeners.

You will need to determine how hard the water in your system is. This can be determined by the amount of dissolved sediment in the water.

If you water contains more then 3.5 grains or sediment, then it’s considered hard.

How do they work?

The classic water softeners removed calcium and magnesium from water with the help of a filtering process or by using water pressure. These minerals were replaced by sodium ions.

The difference with these magnetic water softeners is that the water is not filtered. The systems do not remove any of the existing minerals. They stop scale from forming in the water, before it is distributed throughout the pipes. The system conveys an electric charge through the water while is passes through a magnetic field.


They are very cost effective. They make maintenance easier as they prevent minerals from forming on the bottom of the water heater. You can find systems that run the water several times through a magnetic field.

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