Filtering drinkable water

Because of the prices of bottled water, and also because of the controversy over tap water, you should consider buying some filters to clean and produce your water and make it drinkable and safe for your health.

Before you go shopping for a filter, you need to know the types and find the perfect one that fits your needs. Here are a few filter types:

  • atmospheric – this is one nice filter.
    It works just like a dehumidifier, producing water from the air.
  • catalytic conversion – these are great for dry areas, with drought problems. It works much like a car’s catalytic convertor.
  • ceramic – these are made to trap bacteria and they run by fossil-like substances.
  • magnetic – the water passes through a magnetic field and it needs to be consumed immediately, before it gets ionized.


You should browse the Internet for different filter systems. You should also consider your climate and water conditions. Do some research before buying a filter.

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