Hard water problems

Hard water is found in 1 out of 4 houses in the Unites States and Canada. Hard water means that minerals like calcium are present in the water, in large quantities. Hard water is not dangerous for your health, but can cause several problems:

  • clothing – cloths will surely get damaged by hard water, decreasing their life span.
  • dishes – because of the hard water, dishes will have residues on them.
  • soap – soap will not have the same effect as with soft water. It takes much longer to lather.
  • plumbing – the biggest damaged will be done to the piping and also this means higher maintenance costs. Faucets, pipes and water heaters will get damaged and will need repairs.

Detecting hard water

To determine if you have hard water, get a sample and send it to an authorized laboratory, or get a testing kit. The solution is simple. Get a water softener!

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