Ozone water purification in your home

Ozone water purification can be used for more than just drinking water. You can use it for aquarium water, pools and spas. The ozone disinfects the water by killing all biological contaminants.

It oxidizes and precipitates iron, sulfur and manganese so that they can be filtered. It can also remove color and bad taste of water. You can connect the ozone water purification machine directly to your water system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or call a professional.

For this process, additional to the ozone water purification kit, you will need some extra tubing.

1. Remove the plug at the end of the tube. Then you can start the pump at the lowest speed.

2. Check the suction. Put the tube on your palm and feel the suction.

3. Now identify the cord end that will be connected to the outlet of the ozonator. Purchase one that will match the control box.

4. The control box needs to be places somewhere with no water contact.

5. Make a loop on the tubing. This is made to prevent water from going back into the purification machine. This step is very important as the backing water can damage the machine. Water needs not to enter or back up into the ozonator. Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer.

6. Connect the machine to a power source.

7. To check if the thing works, see if there is a little jet with tiny bubbles in your pool.

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