Portable water purifier

Portable water purifiers are great if you like to be on the road and always want to be sure that you stay healthy.

Purifiers vs filters

Filters are not as efficient as purifiers. They only trap some of the organisms in the water and can still let contaminant pass through the mesh.

A portable purifier can remove more than 99% of pathogen organisms.


There are many types of water purifiers and this depends on the way they clean water. One type is ozone water purifier, that oxidies all microorganisms in the water.

Also ultraviolet purifiers prevents organisms from bearing diseases and also from reproducing.

Chlorine and iodine tablets are very effective but they leave a certain taste in the water. Reverse osmosis purifiers waste a lot of water.


The size matters as a small purifier will only work for a few people. It also depends on the quantity of water. Some need replacement one 100 gallons or 500. You need to consider the purpose of the purifier.

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