Pros and cons of reverse osmosis water purification systems

Reverse osmosis has been used for more then 40 years and is one of the most efficient filtration mechanisms. For the first time, reverse osmosis was used to take out the salt content in seawater, as the system involves the passing of water from a solution with higher concentration of salt to one with a weaker concentration. The purifying benefits have been recognized and now the system is used for water purification.


  • the system can get rid of rust and microscopic debris.
  • it can also filter led, iron, manganese and salt, as well as other harmful minerals.
  • also chemicals like fluoride and chlorine can be removed.
  • bacteria cannot pass through the filters.
  • the reverse osmosis system doesn’t waste so much water, compared to other filtration systems.
  • the water resulted from the filtration is treated and becomes more effective against stains.
  • the water becomes drinkable and you can save some money on bottled water.


  • some beneficial alkaline minerals are also removed along with other harmful minerals, making water more acidic.
  • drinking water that has a lower or zero alkaline content absorbs calcium and other minerals from your body.
  • also the water can become very acidic and corrode pipes and other appliances of the water system.
  • for every 1 gallon of water produced from reverse osmosis, 3 to 5 gallons are wasted. This make the process a little expensive.
  • the process is quite slow, a system producing 15 gallons a day.
  • filtration membranes needs replacement once in a while, adding to the costs.
  • the installation process is quite complicated and needs professional assistance.
  • for home use, the reverse osmosis system becomes inefficient and non-practical.
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