The process of ozone water purification

Ozone water purification is the best way to remove any toxic contaminant from water. The system uses powerful oxidants to inactivate pesticides, fungus, organic minerals, viruses, bacteria, etc.


The system has an amazing ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

It can oxidize metals, like manganese, iron and sulfur, making them insoluble in water. The process removes any taste and smell from the water. Because ozone purification increases the water quality, it prolongs the life of water appliances. No chemicals are used, making it one of the most safe to use systems.

Purification process

The process requires an ozone generator. The ozone is produced, based on the same way the Sun produces ozone in the atmosphere. High intensity UV lamps simulate the ozone producing UV rays of the Sun. Air is pumped in the UV chamber and some of the oxygen is converted in ozone. There are other ways to produce ozone, through chemical and electrolytic reactions.

The produced ozone is passed into a diffuser that creates bubbles. These bubbles are saturated with ozone and then mixed with water. The weaker Oxygen molecules separate and bind themselves to organic molecules.

Most of the bottled water is treated by ozone. Also, pools have started using ozone purification.

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