Water softeners

Water softeners help you reduce the calcium and magnesium levels from home water. This will prevent any pipe and water fixtures problems and reduce the repairing costs. Some of the systems used to soften the water are:

  • salt-free water softeners – these softeners are not made for drinking water, but they will protect your piping.
  • salt-based water softeners – also not good for drinking and watering plants.
  • reverse osmosis- not recommended for cooking, plants and drinking.
  • magnetic water softeners – are less expensive and make a drinkable water.


The softeners reduce the scale build-ups in pipes and also in water appliances like a coffee machine.

In the softening process, the calcium and magnesium are replaced by sodium. So the water will produce more lather with soap. This means that you should use less soap then before.


The main disadvantages can be that some levels of minerals are reduced, although they are good for your health. Some say that if you install water softeners and filters, you should use special faucets for drinking and cooking and some for washing.

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