Water treatment units with activate charcoal

Activate charcoal filters are used to remove smell and taste from contaminated water. These filters are great for removing organic compounds like volatile organic material, pesticides and benzene. Metals, chlorine and radon can also be removed.

It is very important to know the problems in your water and then go shopping for the right purification system. So take a sample of water and send it to your local testing laboratory, or buy yourself a testing kit.

Activated charcoal is a black solid substance, in granular formations. It is extremely porous, so chemicals are attracted and absorbed by the charcoal. This type of filters is especially good at removing chlorine and some heavy metals. You need to know that activated charcoal is different from normal charcoal, as this one removes more contaminants.

The system is quite simple. The filters is packaged in a filter cartridge and then inserted in the water system. Water passes through the cartridge. They will need regular replacement, as they get saturated with contaminants.

The best place to install the filter is at the start of the water system. This way you will have a filter that handles all the entering water and you won’t need to install multiple filters for each faucet.

It is important that the filter should be deep enough to be more effective. Physical and chemical characteristics of the water can also influence the performance. If the water has a lower temperature and a higher acidity, then the filter will work even better.

You should be careful with the filters when it gets saturated with contaminants. If the charcoal structure breaks it can let contaminants to pass into the clean water, having an even higher concentration of pollutants.

There is no know life duration of filters, as their resistance is influenced by water flow, level of contaminants etc. Always check the filter and be ready to replace it.

These filters are great places for bacteria to grow, thanks to the high level of contaminants on which these bacterias can feed on. Fortunately, you can buy some silver, activated charcoal filters that prevent the growth of bacteria.


  • when you buy charcoal filters, make sure that the charcoal is activated.
  • buy only high quality filters.
  • use pre-filters to expand the life of charcoal filters.
  • always be ready to replace the filters.
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