Advantages of a vapor barrier

Vapor barriers have many advantages, and some of them are reduction of home operating costs, insulation, increases energy efficiency, etc. Here are some of the best advantages of using vapor barriers.

Mold and odor

Without a vapor barrier, moisture will get through the walls of your home and inside the rooms.

Moisture will then lead to mold  and mildew and these will create a musty, damp smell. By installing the vapor barrier you will stop the water transfer through the wall, thus preventing mold from appearing and odors.

Floor insulation

Because the vapor barriers will be installed on the floors, these will not get colder from the moisture in the soil. This way the floors will have a constant temperature throughout the year and they will be more comfortable.

Energy efficiency

Moisture affects the temperature inside your house. Because the vapor barrier acts like a barrier, it will not allow water to influence the temperature in your home. This will make your heating and cooling systems to work less and thud reducing the operation costs.


Vapor barriers also stop water/moisture from damaging the plumbing from your basement or inside your home.

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