All about interior and exterior basement waterproofing

Choosing the best interior and exterior basement waterproofing can be affected by many factors like the location and type of house. The following information will help you decide which type of waterproofing is the right one for your home.

About cracks and holes

Before starting any type of waterproofing, all the cracks and holes need to be patched.

You will use concrete to fill them and then smooth the surface out. All this process will take a lot of time and is quite complicated.

About skin shielding

This is done only for exterior basement waterproofing. After the wall has been painted, this skin is placed over. The role of the skin is to stop moisture from entering the basement.

About waterproofing paint

Waterproofing paint is always applied in this kind of home improvement projects. It is mostly made of latex which does not allow water to adhere to it. Exterior waterproofing paint can last longer than the interior paint because of constant moisture and rain.

About water drainage

Drainage is very important for keeping the basement dry. This can be done either with pipes like downspouts or with a trench in which is installed a drain pipe connected to the exterior plumbing line. All these are supposed to keep water away from the house foundation.

About water sock

Water sock is very often used by builders for exterior basement waterproofing. First, some excavation is done around the foundation and the resulted trench will be filled with one inch of sand. The water sock will be placed on the sand and covered with gravel. This is useful when there is rain outside and the water is soaked through the ground and directed to the gravel. The installed water filters will store the water and will release it slowly over time.

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