All about sump pump backup systems

There may be situations when a sump pump is not enough and you need a backup system to clear all the water from your basement. In case of a power failure, your sump pump will shut down and the damages can be important. If something like this happens, it’s better to be prepared with a backup sump pump that works on its own power supply.

This second pump will start working immediately after the main one has stopped.

Reasons for sump pumps failures

  • A discharge pipe that has frozen or clogged
  • A power failure
  • A tripped circuit breaker
  • A blown fuse
  • A damaged power line
  • A float switch that got stuck or broken
  • Burn out pump, unplugged pump or a jammed pump
  • An impeller or drive shaft breakage
  • A water leaking

The importance of the backup system

If the primary pump gets damaged or if there is a power failure, the only device on which you can depend on is the backup sump pump. If something happens with this system too, the risk of flooding will grow significantly. Most of the insurances don’t cover a flooded basement, so it’s better to prevent it.

Types of backup sump pumps

12 Volt high output

If it can take its power from a 12 volt marine or car battery, it doesn’t matter where the backup sump pump is installed. There are models that can work for 8 hours without stopping, giving you enough time to fix the main sump pump.

Water powered sump pump

Another model of backup sump pumps is the one that works with water pressure. A source that can maintain a water pressure of 50 PSI to 80 PSI can keep a backup sump pump working very easily. Even if it doesn’t have the same power as a primary pump or a battery powered one, the water powered pump can be your best alternative in case of a flooding. Because it can help you against a flooded basement, a backup sump pump deserves all the money. What is very important is that you should never use a backup sump pump as a primary one. Their design is specially made for short periods of time, when your main sump pump has problems and you need some time to fix it.

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