Basement condensation

Condensation can also be a problem for many homeowners. The trick is to figure out if the condensation comes from a leak, or just because of the temperature difference. There is a simple solution for figuring out the source of the problem:

  • completely dry the condensation off the walls
  • take a tin foil and some duct tape and stick it on the affected area on the wall or ceiling.
    Cover the edges of the tin foil with duct tape.
  • let the foil there for 24 hours and the examine it.

If the foil is wet only on the inside then the leak is in the wall. If the foil is wet on the outside, then it’s condensation from the temperature difference.

Fixing the problem

If the problem is a leak in the wall, then you will need to take immediate action. Call a professional to solve it for you. Otherwise you may damage the structure of your home, or if you leave the problem unattended it may get serious in time. If it’s just condensation, then use a dehumidifier or install any ventilation system to circulate the air in the basement. This will eliminate the moisture in the air and also regulate the temperature.

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