Basement leak sealer

Almost every home owner has problems with basement water leaks. These are due to ground water infiltration. The best solution to prevent these leaks, is to waterproof your basement.

You can buy many concrete sealers but you can apply a dozen of them, if the water infiltration problem isn’t solved, and it still not solve it.

Outdoor problem

Some of the most common reasons for basement water infiltration are gutters. If the downspouts from the gutters are placed too close to the foundation of your home, then water may not be draining correctly and it will affect the basement. Also, if you find puddles near your home, then you should also solve them prior to sealing your basement.

Basement sealer

Now it’s time to choose a sealer for your basement. It’s best to choose one that it sodium silicate based. This is one of the most effective sealer available. You can apply the sealer on the concrete walls using a roller, like you would with normal paint. Also apply the sealer on the floor. Using a basement sealer will prevent mold and mildew problems.

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