Basement moisture

Basement moisture is very dangerous for your house if you don’t treat it as fast as you can. It can damage your entire home unless you discover the source of the problem. A few of the most important causes of basement moisture are exemplified here.


This can be the source of leakage and basement moisture. The best way to prevent it is to keep all basement windows closed during a heavy rain.


Check all pipes and connections because these can have constant dripping that will lead to moisture problems. You need to act immediately in case of dripping problems or else you will have to deal with mold. problems


If you notice any sign of condensation, this can mean that warm air is coming in contact with cold air, a lack of air circulation or even sweating pipes. You can stop this with insulation of pipes, walls and floors.


This happens when your house is surrounded by an excess of water that will eventually infiltrate in the foundation. You can deal with small cracks but if you find larger gaps, these will need the attention of a professional.


Bird nests, feathers, leaves or even twigs can be a real problem for gutters. If this happens the water will get to your home foundation.


You should check the entire area around your house because if it slopes inward then you have problems. In order to get rid of problems you have to make the soil slope away from the foundation.


Sprinklers that are used for plants and grass can be a cause of water infiltration under the house foundation. Because of this reason, sprinklers should be positioned away from the house.

Cloths drying

Cloths should not be dried indoors because this can be bad for the humidity. You should dry clothes only outside and make sure that the dryer is well vented.


The normal distance between the last downspout and the house should be at least 10 feet. Otherwise you will end up having problems with buildup water.


Any window that is leaking can be a problem so you should avoid this by replacing it. Another solution can be to install some window wells.

Foundation cracks

Any crack near the house will let water get into the soil and mold will start to appear. Cracks will need to be repaired immediately before problems will begin.

Home ventilation

Ventilation is very important if you want to prevent moisture buildup. Every time the weather is good open the window so that excess moisture will have a way out.

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