Basement waterproofing on the exterior

There are many ways of waterproofing your basement. You can either use some interior or exterior solution. Moisture can be a real problem for every homeowner.

It can cause water damage and also create dampness that leads to mold and mildew growth, thus creating an unhealthy environment. Here are a few advantages on why to use an exterior solution for waterproofing your basement.


Waterproofing your basement with an interior solution does not cover the exterior walls and still let’s water to corrode them from the outside. So, having an exterior waterproofing system ensures that the walls are fully protected. Also the exterior system protects pipes and wires that are in the walls.

Mold growth

An exterior waterproofing system will not allow water to infiltrate in the walls, and thus mold and mildew cannot grow. Mold and mildew can create serious health problems.

Depositing belongings

Basements are usually used for depositing things, and in a lifetime you will want to deposit objects that are not waterproof. With the exterior waterproofing system you will be able to store anything from food to paper and not worry about them getting damaged.


By creating a waterproof basement, you can turn it in a livable area. This will extend the space in your home. You may think of turning your basement in a game room.


Besides mold and mildew and dampness, water in your basement can cause a lot of damage. If you have structural wood beams in your basement, you will need to protect them. Otherwise, they may get so damaged that your home’s stability will be in danger.

Also dampen wood attracts termites and other types of insects.

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