Basement waterproofing on the exterior

Exterior basement waterproofing is a better alternative for interior basement waterproofing. This happens because interior waterproofing also solves some of the problems, and this is only a solution for the short term.

Foundation walls

You can minimize the quantity of moisture in your basement, by waterproofing the walls of the home’s foundation.

The bad part is that exterior waterproof coatings tend to get damaged in time. So what you will need to do is regularly inspect the exterior coating. You can call a professional for the exterior foundation wall waterproofing, or you can do it by yourself.

Downspouts and gutters

Another thing that it’s very important when talking about exterior home waterproofing is downspouts and the gutters. This is because these lead water from the roof and to the soil. The problem appears when the downspouts evacuate the water near your home and when the gutters get clogged. So what you will need to do is also regularly inspect them. Make sure the gutters evacuate water in a safe place.

Drainage systems

By installing an exterior drainage system you can make sure that all the water near your home will be moved somewhere else. These exterior drainage system require some digging and pipes.

Ground slopes

This solution is an alternative to the exterior drainage systems. So correcting the slopes in your yard, can have significant impact on the basement. If the slope takes the water away from your home, then you won’t have to worry about heavy rain. The slope needs be to 10 degrees at every 5 feet.


Making sure your home needs to repairs, it’s very important for waterproofing. If your home’s foundation has cracks in it, then you should expect to see water infiltration in your basement. Before insulating the exterior of your basement, make sure the foundation is repaired and crack-free.

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