Basement waterproofing products

Preventing basement leaks should be one of your top priorities concerning house maintenance. Basement leaks can lead to mold growth and also to concrete cracks. Some of the most common products used for basement waterproofing are: sump pumps, drain tile systems, baseboard systems and cavity drain systems.

Sump pumps systems

Regular basement flooding calls for a sump pump system. Because your basement is set under the water table, it is prone to flooding. Sump pumps are the solution for this problem. Now, you will need to know what type of sump pump you will need: a pedestal or a submersible one. It depends on what you can install. The submersible pump is sealed and can be installed on the floor of your basement. The pedestal pump should only be installed on a higher support.

Another very important aspect is the need of a backup battery in case the power lines are dead. This will ensure that your basement will stay dry even on power outages.

Drain tiles

These systems are also known as French drains. These drains use a perforated PVC pipe that will collect the excess water and take it outside your home where it will be transported to a safe place. You can install a French drain inside or outside your basement.

Baseboard waterproofing

Baseboard systems are very effective. They collect water from weep holes in the bottom row of blocks and channel the water to a sump pump or floor drain. The system is also less expensive than a sub-floor system.

Cavity drain

This system is entirely underground. This is a formed cavity that collects the water and then takes it away from your basement. The cavity needs to provide the proper amount of pressure to control the amount of water.

But all these waterproofing methods are useless if your basement is damage. So, before installing one of this products, you will need to repair every crack and leak in your basement.

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