Basement waterproofing systems

Waterproofing systems are very important for protecting your home from water damage. Ground water is the main problem. If the level rises, it can cause damage to your basement and thus to your home.

Besides water damage, too much moisture can cause mold and mildew to appear. This will create an unhealthy environment.

Interior basement sealant

Interior water sealant should only be used as a temporary solution. They are mainly used in rainy seasons or during winter. They will keep water from entering your basement, but water can still damage the exterior of your home. These interior water sealant come in spray form and can be applied directly on the walls and floor of the basement. Interior sealant can be applied on concrete, wood and other surfaces.

Exterior basement sealant

Exterior sealants are a better solution than interior sealants, because they stop water from getting in the walls. This system also prevents mold and mildew growth. Now you can find water sealants that use a polymer base, a very efficient solution. Not only that this material will last as much as your home, but it’s also easy to install and does not require any other materials.


This system is used to divert water not make the basement waterproof. This system includes a trench, perforated pipes, gravel and a place where the water can drain. This system can be installed outside or inside the basement. Outside the basement it will direct water through a trench and inside the basement you will need to add  a pump to the system because the basement is under the ground level.

No matter what type of system you will use, you will surely protect the basement and your home from water damage and mold and mildew growth.

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