Battery backup sump pump

This battery can be very helpful in case your main sump pump will stop working properly. Although it can be a good replacement, the battery backup is just for emergency cases and it’s not recommended for long usage. You will find here some important steps to be taken into consideration when working with a battery sump pump backup.

How the backup sump pump is powered

In case the main sump pump will break, the backup will immediately take its place. Systems will automatically be turned on but you have to be sure that this will happen because older ones are not equipped with such technological advancement. You can find this thing very easy from the owner’s manual. Another role played by the battery pumps is that of supporting pumps in case of flooding.

The electrical safety

When the power is turned on, you are not allowed to walk on wet floors. If you can’t reach the power supply, it would be better to call an electrician. Try to keep your sump pump away from any snow or rain. When it needs to be disconnected from the electrical outlet, you should always pull on the plug and not the cord. In case you need to use an extension, check it first to be the same as the plug to the sump pump. Attachments that have not been recommended by the manufacturer should not be used because fires or shocks can happen. A sump pump with a damaged computer control box should not be operated under any circumstances. Make sure that your hands are always dry when you handle the control unit. Any type of maintenance should be performed only after the plugs and battery have been disconnected.

How to choose a battery

Before starting to use the sump pump, you need to get a fully charged battery. The most suitable one for this type of job is the UltraSump battery which is freestanding and can stay off for long periods of time without any problem.

Powering the backup sump pump

If you install a newer model of backup sump pump, you won’t have to do a thing because it will start on its own when there is needed. Other batteries will just alert you with a noise that there is something wrong and you need to turn the device on. This happens mostly when the moisture level reaches a level that is too high.

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