Battery sump pumps

Having a backup battery for your basement’s sump pump is a must. If there is a flood and water infiltrates in your basement, you need to be able to get it out even if the power is off. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a backup battery.

Battery size

Most batteries will have a battery casing and will support a 12V pump. The kit will also include assorted installation hardware. Check the capacity of the battery.


The battery sump pump will need to be installed very close to the main pump. Always use the recommendations of the manufacturer when placing the pump. Use the bracket from the kit to help you fix it.

Power connections

The discharge pipe from the secondary sump pump will need to be attached to the one of the primary pump. The battery casing will need to be fixed 2-3 feet above the pit area. The battery charge can be mounted at a greater distance from the battery casing. After placing the battery in the casing, make all the necessary connections.

Now it’s time to test the battery pump.

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