Causes for basement moisture

Basement moisture can often be found in many homes and offices. Is very important to eradicate it and the only way to do this is by knowing the causes. Next you will find some indications about how to determine the causes that helped the moisture to appear in the first place.


Inadequate grading means that the ground slopes towards the house which can ultimately lead to moisture problems. This makes the water to flood the basement because it is not redirected away from the house. You can prepare for this kind of problems in case your house is built in a design that will permit the water to get into your basement. The solution is not difficult but it request a little bit of work from your part. You have to change the existing slope away from the house and make the levelness disappear by adding soil around the building and making sure the water will not be absorbed.

Gutters and downspouts

Defective gutters or downspouts can be a sure cause of basement moisture. During rainy periods, the absence of gutters can make you real problems because all the water will get directly into the basement. It’s necessary to solve this by repairing or replacing defective gutters and downspouts. Sloped sidewalks can also be an alternative for keeping water away from the basement area.

Window wells

If they are not designed well, the window wells will cause moisture problems by draining water directly into the basement. A good architect would design the window wells in such a way that they would take the water out of the foundation and not bringing it in. This problem can be avoided by telling the builders to fill the entire space between the windowsill and the footing. Another good idea would be to put a drain tile in order to supplement the aggregate and all the water go away from the foundation.


Cracks can be found in many foundations and can easily lead to basement moisture. The best places to look for these cracks are along stiff corners and masonry joints. Correcting the problem, it implies some checking for the connections between the structure and the foundation.

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