Crawlspace waterproofing

Crawlspaces are prone to water infiltration and thus to mold and mildew growth. There are many ways water can infiltrate in these spaces, so it’s important to install a waterproofing system that will solve all problems.

Vapor barrier

Crawlspaces are most commonly affected by moisture that comes from the ground, due to the water natural cycle.

To solve this problem you can install a vapor barrier in this space to prevent moisture from appearing. When you install the vapor barrier make sure that the sheets are overlapped and that they will go up the walls a few inches.

Exterior drainage

To make the system even more efficient, you should repair or install an exterior water drainage system. Dig the trench near the foundation of your home. This means digging a trench and using punctured PVC pipes to collect and dispose of the water. You will need to place a layer of gravel under and above the PVC pipe. Then just cover the trench with soil.

Power fan

Another factor that prevents moisture from accumulating is air circulation. If you can install a power fain inside the crawlspace, then you will stop water from forming on pipes or duct work.

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