CWM water proofing

Waterproofing has become one of the most common maintenance tasks for homes or basements. There are many solutions for waterproofing your basement and one of the most effective is the crystalline capillary, also known as CWM. This material is absorbed by the concrete walls, making them waterproof.

The crystalline capillary is great for preventing leaks, and cracks. There are a few things that you should know about, though.


It’s essential to prepare the surface before applying the CWM. You will need to scrape off any old paint from the walls and also clean them for dust and debris. It’s also important to make the necessary repairs in case you have wall cracks or holes.

Wall watering

There is a special thing that you need to do in order to apply the CWM coating the right way, and that’s watering the walls. Although it is a waterproofing solution, the CWM coating needs to be mixed with water in order to create the paste that will cover the walls. The coating will become a pliable paste that will be extremely effective against water infiltrations. Water the coating for 48 hours to make sure that it penetrates the wall more effectively.

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