Damp proofing your basement

There are many ways for damp  proofing your basement, and one of these ways includes liquid asphalt that needs to be applied on the outside walls.

There are a few things that we need to make clear. Damp proofing is not waterproofing.

Damp proofing your home will not stop water from infiltrating in your home, just it will make it harder to penetrate the walls. Damp proofing although is not as effective as waterproofing, it is less expensive. Also damp proofing asphalt can become water damaged in time.

Waterproofing your home may be more expensive, but it’s also more durable, and it will surely pay for itself in a few years.

Damp proofing vs waterproofing

Damp proofing can be used when you are looking for a temporary solution to a water problem. You should consult with a professional to see if it’s worth spending the money on damp proofing material.

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