Dealing with basement condensation

Condensation is one of the most common water related problems in basements. The trick to solve this problem is to identify the source of the condensation, be it from a leak or just temperature difference.

You can determine the cause by following some easy steps:

  • Use a rag to wipe the condensation off the ceiling or walls.
  • Take a tin foil and use some duct tape to place it on the wall. Seal the edges of the foil.
  • Leave the foil there for about 24 hours.

Now examine the tin foil and see if it’s wet on the outside or inside. If it’s wet on the inside, then it’s a leak, if it’s wet on the outside, then it’s the temperature difference.

Dealing with the condensation

It’s important to deal with condensation, even though it’s still a minor problem. In time it will develop and start damaging the walls. One simple solution to deal with condensation is buy a dehumidifier.

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