Flooded crawl spaces

There are two types of crawl spaces, one between the walls of your home, and one beneath the home, in thee floor. No matter the type, homeowners usually overlook them. If heavy rainfall occurs, then these crawl spaces may get flooded, especially floor ones.

There are a few solutions to get crawl spaces dry back again. Here are a few tips.

Using a pump

The pump needs to be used in case you find water pooling in the crawl space. This can be the result of a serious problem and you need to get rid of the water immediately, before it corrodes the foundation of your home. So place the suction hose in the crawl space and the other end outside your home in a safe place.


Another way to get rid of water from crawlspaces is to use a wet and dry vacuum. But it should only be used for minor flooding problems. The vacuum will suck all the water out of the crawl space.

Push broom

You can use a broom as a secondary solution. Sometimes the hose from the vacuum cleaner is too short and a pump is too much of a hassle. So you will need a push broom to push all the water to one side of the crawlspace.

How to dry the crawl space

It’s not enough just to get rid of all the water in the crawlspace, but you will need to fully dry the area. If you have a crawl space with a concrete floor, then you will surely need to dry it up, because concrete will retain moisture for a longer time. The best way to dry this space is by using a dehumidifier. You can also use a radiant heater that will burn off the moisture but it’s a little more complicated to install and use.

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