Hiding a basement pump

Sump pumps are not the smallest things. If you plan on transforming your basement in a more attractive and livable place, then you will have to try and hide the sump pump. Here are a few tips on what you can do.

Moving the sump pump

This should be done only if  the pump is placed in a central area, or somewhere where there will be traffic. Moving the sump pump isn’t that easy so you should call a professional plumber before you start doing anything. This can be an expensive thing to do, because you will need to dig another sump trench and move the whole route of the drain.

Covering the pump

The easiest way to hide a sump pump is to cover it/enclose it. This should be done only if permitted by the local regulations. The regulations will say that you need to have at least one access point to the pump. So this is really what you would have done. Before starting to enclose the pump make sure you check the local regulations.

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