How to avoid a frozen sump pump

Winter is the season when the sump pumps are the most vulnerable to freeze, especially if they are used to remove water from the basement. Reading the following tips, you will be able to avoid problems that may result from frozen water.


If the hose is not big enough, the water may freeze and block the sump pump.

A discharge hose that is larger in size than all others, can be more helpful because the water will have more space to pass. Most of the sump pump models offer an easy way to replace the hose in order to find the right one.


The insulation of the discharge hose should be done only after you have buried one of its ends in the ground. In order to protect the pipe, you should bury it at a convenient depth to bypass the effects of frosting. The material used for insulation should be very effective so this is why you must use either a pipe lagging straw or a heavy duty tape.


If the discharge hose will freeze, the motor will have to work even harder and there will be a higher risk of malfunction. You could make some changes around the foundation of the house to help the sump pump get rid of the water in order to work less and avoid freezing problems. The landscape can also help you by making the water flow downhill.


The gravity in this case can be a very good ally. Putting the discharge pipe at a lower level than the sump pump will make things a lot easier because the gravity will do the rest. If you manage to do this, the water won’t have so many opportunities to freeze and block the pipe like it used to.


To increase the distance between your house and the place where the water is flushed out, you can use a second hose that is resistant to low temperatures. You may want to leave at least 20 feet from your house in order to be sure you won’t have problems with flooding or something else. Another method is with two hose that are put in different directions. This can work in case the main hose freezes and the water can’t be flushed away.


You can also try to heat your basement in order to protect the hose of freezing. This method can assure you a continued flow of water from the sump pump to the place where it is flushed.

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