How to clean after a basement flood

Basement floods can be a real hassle. Water can damage the walls, personal belongings, electrical system, etc. What you need to do is stop the flood or leak immediately and then clean the place.

Some of the tools and materials that you will need are:

  • Polyurethane Fill
  • Cartridges for Polyurethane
  • Crack-Seal Glue
  • Peel-Off Ports
  • Cartridges for Polyurethane
  • Water-Proofing Kit
  • Bucket
  • Rags
  • Cleaning Solution

Source of the leak/flood

It’s important to identify the source of the flood or leak. The sooner you stop it the better. You should not allow the water to damage your basement.

If you have a basement leak, then you should look for concrete expansion, poor drainage, faulty foundation, heavy rainfall, irrigation system situated near your home, piping.

Cleaning the basement

After you have stopped the leak, you will need to clean the basement. Take all the water out of the basement using buckets or a pump. Use a disinfectant to kill any toxins that have built-up. Dry up the basement.


After you have cleaned and dried up the basement, it’s important to make the necessary reparations to seal the existing cracks. This will prevent further leaks. Use a crack-seal glue and a peel-off port to cover the cracks. Or you can use a polyurethane foam to fill the cracks or holes existing in the floors and walls.

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