How to get rid of mildew in the crawl space

Mildew can easily grow in crawl spaces because of high levels of moisture. Beside the fact that it damages a lot of materials, it can also be a problem for your health. Mildew is complicated to be removed and even if you can get rid of it now, there are high chances that it will come back.

The next steps will help kill all the mildew in your house and forget about this problem for good.

How to set up

Vinegar can be successfully used against mildew. It’s natural, it doesn’t give off toxic fumes, you can find it everywhere and it doesn’t require any type of preparation. The bad part is that is quite mild and the effect over mildew is not always 100%. All you need is a sponge, which will be soaked in vinegar.

How to clean

Use the soaked sponge to clean the affected area by letting the vinegar get into the crawlspace and kill the mildew. Dead mildew has a white color, so by this aspect you can know if the vinegar is working or not. It’s not enough to clean only the affected areas, you should also put vinegar on other areas to prevent future problems. If you don’t see any change, apply vinegar again and leave it like this for a few minutes. If again you don’t get any result, you should start finding another cleaning agent.

The future cleaning

A good alternative for vinegar can be borax. It’s much powerful and toxic in the same time, so children and pets should be kept away. For every gallon of water you need ½ cup of borax. The mixture resulted will be applied with a sponge on affected areas. After wiping several times every crawlspace, the mildew should be eliminated for good.


You can use vinegar or borax every week but this is something that requires too much effort and time. A dehumidifier will be more useful because it keeps away moisture and prevents mildew from growing.

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