How to prevent basement floods

The best way to deal with a basement flood is to prevent it. Here’s what you can do to prevent a basement water flood.


Some of the causes for water floods in your basement are inclement weather, hot water tank leakage, freezer leakage, sewage pipe leakage, washing machine leakage.


The best way to prevent water flooding is to inspect the water sources. So, you will need to consider the following:

  • standpipes – these are used to diver the water flow through the drain
  • check valves – these valves will regulate the flow of water
  • drain plugs – these will hold the flow of water and pop only at high pressures.
  • waterproofing – using waterproofing solutions for your basement is very important.

Drains for storms

Storm drains are very important. It’s important to inspect the drain spouts and gutters. Storms are the number one cause for basement flooding so this is an important step to check.

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