How to prevent basement wall leaks

Basement leaks can develop in time and become a food source for mold and mildew and small cracks can expand into larger ones that can cause basement damage. Basement cracks are quite hard to repair, and you should always call a professional. The best way to repair basement cracks is to prevent them.

Preventing cracks

To prevent cracks from appearing in your basement, you will need to use a water-proofing solution to seal your basement’s walls. You can apply this solution on existing basement cracks. For larger cracks you will need to enlarge and clean them. This will help the new mortar to adhere to the surface.

Plumbing repairs

Plumbing leaks can be one of the causes of basement cracks. To prevent plumbing problems, you should only have the system installed by professionals. If the plumbing system is subjected to high pressure, then you should use a weep pipe to divert the force of the water. Make sure you check every joint and seal any cracks or leaks.

Waterproofing your basement

For further protection, you can waterproof your basement after sealing the cracks. Make sure you have no water leaks and that the walls are dry. Use a chemical spray sealant and apply it on the walls. After using the spray you can apply the waterproofing mix. Use a brush to apply it to the walls. After applying the first layer, let it dry over night. The next day, spray the area with some water and apply a second layer of sealant.

This should help you have a crack/leak-free basement.

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