How to prevent water damage

A wet basement can damage a lot of things like electrical wires, water and sewage pipes or garbage disposals. The next information is very useful for preventing water damages that may be related to HVAC systems, ventilation systems, pipes condensations or sump pumps. This kind of inspections should be done on a regular basis to be sure you prevent all water problems.

The HVAC systems

Debris can cause big problems for the heating and air conditioning systems, so you have to clean them often for allowing free flow. For better functionality of the HVAC, you need to replace the filters when they deteriorate.

Pipes condensations

Condensation is a consequence of sweating pipes and can easily lead to mold corrosion and rot. This can be solved with a simple insulation.


Sump pump are used for keeping water away from your basement. The outlet pipe is an important part of it, so you need to check it regularly to see if it’s not frozen or clogged. Also make sure the air hole is clean and the motor is doing its job. You can do a test by filling the sump pit with some water and see if it’s pumped out.

Walls and ceiling

Moisture can indicate a leak in your basement and this is why you have to search this kind of signs. In case of stains, follow them to the source and fix it right away.

Home foundation

Over time, the house will get a lot of gaps and cracks in it. The landscape also can suffer some changes that may allow the water to stay near your house. For any landscape or foundation repair it’s important to ask for some professional help.

Home ventilation

When you inspect your ventilation system, you need to include also the water heater, exhaust fans and dryer vents. Any failures that you may have found need to be repaired immediately.

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