How to repair a sump pump switch

Because sump pump switches can break down over the years, you have to follow some procedures in order to identify the problem. The best thing to do before you start working is to diagnose the problem to see what you are dealing with.

How to check the valve replacement

The reparations for the sump pump start with fixing the check valve.

When it’s time to get a new one, you have to pay attention to its diameter. If you need a little more space for the new check valve, a pipe cutter is the right tool to cut some pipe parts. If there are excess edges, you can get rid of them with a utility knife.

How to remove a check valve

If it’s necessary to replace a valve, the one located within the adapter has to be removed. In case the valve is glued or welded, use a hacksaw. When installing the new valve, 2 inches are recommended for each valve end.

Installation of the new valve

A flexible coupling attached to the pipe is necessary. The right position for the valve is along the direction of the flow arrow and against the direction of the pump. The couplings need to stay on top of the pipe stubs. When the job is finished, tighten the straps.


Troubleshooting should be done only after you have found the location of the sump pump and unplugged it. The connection between the pump and the drain line is shaped like a rubber coupling and joined by a hose-clamp. Disconnecting them can be done very easy. If there are other parts that are connected to the pump should be removed. All the pieces that are being replaced should be taken to a hardware store. Here you can receive help from a professional to know exactly which are the right components for the replacement. In the end, you just have to place all the things back like they were before.

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