How to waterproof your basement walls

Making this change to your house will help you to prevent dampness. If measures are not taken, a damp basement will cause health problems and a lot of money will be lost on repairs. With the right precautions and regular maintenance, this problem can be kept under control.

The following list of products is the right one for having a waterproof basement.

Creating a plastic vapor barrier

This barrier can prevent moisture in your basement by stopping temperature changes. The plastic will get fixed on the insulation and then hammered onto the wall studs. An air tight will be created after the individual sheets are taped together.


Drywalls are the result of gypsum plaster between two different layers of thick paper. Using drywall screws, the gypsum board will be placed over the vapor barrier. The role of the screws is mainly to create a dimple in the drywall paper.

Joint compound – drywall

These are used in conjunction, being a completion of the waterproofing. Screw indentations and joint seams are also covered with this joint compound. After pressing really well the drywall tape into the seams, the joint compound will be used again for spreading on top of the tape.

Waterproofing paint

The best waterproofing paint is the latex based one. Because of its high thickness, it needs to be applied with a course paint brush. To be sure you covered the entire area it’s better to apply two coats of paint. The second one can easily be applied using a thick nap paint roller.

About French drains

French drains are nothing more than some trenches covered with rock or pea gravel, made for preventing water accumulation around the basement. They redirect all the water away from the house so that the foundation will not be flooded. French drains can also be made inside the basement and the water will end up into a sump pump.


A sump pump needs to be installed always in the lowest part of the basement. This is the place where the water will get if it succeeds in entering the basement.

Home window wells

This device is installed usually for basement windows and has a double role: it makes the egress much easier and prevents water from entering the basement. Waterproofed walls along with all these devices installed can make your life a lot easier and keep your family healthy and safe.

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