Interior waterproofing solutions for your basement

Basement waterproofing is an essential task for every homeowner. Water flooding in basements is quite common, so it’s very important to take the right measures to handle the problem before it get’s too serious. There are multiple solutions that you can apply and some of them are french drains, waterproofing paint and classic drainage systems.

About french drains

One very common and effective solution for basement waterproofing is  french drains. These drains are designed to collect water from your basement and move it away, to a safe place. The drain has a series of trenches filled with gravel that collect water and then direct it.

Waterproofing paint

Another solution for waterproofing your basement is by using waterproofing paint. This paint will stop water from infiltrating into your basement. This paint is a little thicker than normal paint but it can be applied with a paint brush or a roller.

Improving drainage systems

Basements can get flooded not only from exterior sources, but from interior ones too, like defective plumbing. Make sure that the pipes in your basement do not have leaks.

Make sure that your garden has proper drainage and that the grading is proper.

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