Proper drainage for your basement

Besides the fact that damp basements are horrible places to spend time in, but they can also present a problem for your help. Ensuring that your basement has a proper drainage system will keep it dry and mold and mildew free. Also, by controlling the water leaks, you will also prevent water damage to your basement, and thus to your home.


Large quantities of rain water fall every year. Some measurements show that over 600 gallons of water fall every year. This is why it’s very important to have working downspouts and gutters. This will prevent all this water from running off through the walls of your home and to the foundation.


To ensure that water won’t pool near your home, it’s important to have the ground near your home, graded so that it slopes away from your home. This will help drain water away from the foundation of your home.


Vegetation near your home will cause moisture problems. Trees especially will cause larger problems because of their roots. These roots can damage the foundation of your home, and will also compact the soil, meaning that it will take less moisture.

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