Reasons for using a basement vapor barrier

Vapor barriers are an important step for perfectly insulating your basement or your home. This protective sheet will stop moisture from entering your home through the walls of floors. This protective barrier will also stop mold and mildew from forming on the walls.

Why you should use a vapor barrier

Walls tend to absorb moisture, no matter which materials were used to build them. In time insulation layers will get damaged by moisture, mold and mildew. To stop changing the insulation for your home every 5 years, you should start using a vapor barrier. This barrier adds an extra layer of protection against moisture.

Why you shouldn’t use a vapor barrier

Installing the vapor barrier can be a real hassle. If you have a lot of electrical outlets, pipes or other objects in the walls, then you will have a lot of problems fitting the plastic sheets on the walls. Also installing it improperly will make it work less effective.

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