Reducing moisture in a damp basement

When a basement becomes damp, it transforms into a useless space. This problem can be removed by the professionals but you’ll have to pay a lot of money for something that can be done easily in a big number of ways.

Reducing water problems

If a crack has appeared into the concrete, this means that water will not take long to enter the basement.

All you need for patching up a crack is a cold chisel, a mallet, patching cement and a putty knife. After you widen a little bit the crack with the cold chisel, you can add the sealant following the instructions provided. After the cement is starting to dry, you can start pushing it in so that you make room for more. Once the crack has been filled, you can begin smoothing the area with the putty knife. When this problem is over, moisture should stop being a problem for you.

How to waterproof the walls

The solution for this problem starts with creating a trench around the basement and waterproofing material applied on the walls. In case the problem with the moisture is not major, you can buy only some waterproofing paint. This will reduce moisture and in the same time it will cover all the odors that may leave water in.

How to extend downspouts

All the water from the rain and melted snow ends up in the downspouts. If they don’t throw the water at a clear distance from the home foundation, downspouts can be your problem for water seepage and moisture. For this, you’ll need to extend downspouts at least six feet so that water will end up at a distance that will not allow it to reach the foundation.

Rain barrel for reducing moisture

If only one part of the home is the cause for all the water problems then a rain barrel is much better for your need. This will create a way to catch all the water that’s coming from the roof without any special equipment. All you need is a plastic trashcan and a downspout cut at the necessary level. Then the trashcan needs a lid to accommodate the downspout and covered with something that will prevent insects and debris to get in. All the water that is going to get collected can then be used for indoor jobs as well as outdoor jobs.

How to reduce condensation

Pipes are also a source of moisture problems. They can generate much condensation that will drip on the floor and get to the walls where it will help moisture and mildew to develop. Some insulation foam is everything you need in this case. Besides the fact that is inexpensive, it requires a small amount of time for installation and the result will be great.

The dryer ventilation

If a dryer hasn’t got enough ventilation then all the moisture created will end up on walls, ceilings and floors. The problems that you will have to face are going to make you take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

Using a dehumidifier

Even of all sources of moisture are kept under control, you’ll also need something for the moisture itself. A dehumidifier can do this job because the quantity of moisture that it can get out it’s very big. It’s better to set it up directly to a basement drain because this way it will work as much as needed without stopping for draining.

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