Replacing a water sump pump

Most people think that this job is difficult and they don’t even try to do it. The truth is that it involves only the replacement of an old part with a new one.


You will find here the necessary information for replacing a water sump pump, which is not the same with the installation of a new one.

For this kind of job, you should hire a professional which is capable of doing this right.

How to locate the pump

You should always start by finding the location of the sump pump. Most of the times, it will be installed in the basement. Because of this, you should start your searching from there.

How to unplug the pump

After you have located the pump, you will have to unplug it. This should be done carefully in order to avoid any accidents.

How to disconnect the plumbing connection

You may find that the pump has a strong base with an entire plumbing connection underneath. This connection is mainly a plastic fitting with a back-flow check flow. Because it has to do with the pump, it will need to be taken out as well.

How to disconnect the drain line

The connection between the pump and the drain line will need to be cut off. Usually the material used for this connection is rubber coupling and hose-clamp fastenings. Surely, it can’t be too hard to undone such a connection.

How to remove the pump

This part is very simple because after you unplug it from the outlet, the pump will come out easily.

How to drain the pump

The pump will need some time to drain so that all the water inside it will be removed.

How to remove the fittings

You will find these plastic fittings attached to the water outlet and used for connecting the pump to the drain line. You should pay attention to these pieces because they are very important. The fittings will be used for the new pump as well.

How to find a replacement

When you want to buy a replacement pump, you need to have the old one with you in order to find a perfect match. You should look for two important things: the same power source and similar pumping capabilities.

How to reattach the piping and fittings

You need to put the fittings back exactly like you found them because otherwise the connection won’t be good.

How to replace the pump

After the pump is set down in the pit, the plumbing and the drain need to be reconnected as before.

Testing the pump

In order to be sure it works properly, the pump will need to be tested. You can do this by putting some buckets of water directly into the pit.

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