Replacing or repairing the sump pump?

It may happen that your sump pump has been damaged because of a hard job, trying to get all the water out of your basement. This is when you will need to think if it’s worth replacing it or repairing it. If you are not concerned about the costs, then replace it.

Otherwise, keep reading.

Repairing the pump

It really depends on the extent of the damage. If the motor is broken, then it will be harder for you or for anyone else to repair it. If it’s just a circuit or wire problem, then you can solve the problem quite easily. Also you can easily repair a sump pump if you replace the defective parts.

Pump replacement

If the extent of the damage is large, then you should try and find a new pump to buy. Repairing a burned motor may be possible, but no one will guarantee you that it will do the job properly in the future.

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