Should you use a damp basement sealant

Damp basement sealants are a must have for every basement. Although it’s a must have, they have their pros and cons.


The first advantage is that the sealant will keep your basement dry.

Moisture is a big problem for concrete basements. Condensation is one of the problems. With moisture, mold and mildew will grow and create an unhealthy environment.

Also if you have a wood basement, mold can do a lot of damage to it. Thus it will affect the structure of your home.


The biggest disadvantage for the basement sealant is that it is quite expensive to install. It also depends on how large is the basement.

Another disadvantage is that the sealant may not solve the moisture problem. If you have larger problems with water infiltration, then the sealant won’t make much of a difference.

The sealant is also very dangerous for your health when you apply it, so you will need to wear protective gear.

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