Treating crawlspace mold

Any crawlspace in your house is a perfect place for mold to grow. Because they contain moisture, hold in heat and are shielded from sunlight, crawlspaces offer the perfect conditions for mold. It’s not difficult to get rid of it but it will require some time from your part.

The next steps will show you exactly how to eliminate any mold problem.

Assess damage

First of all, you need to find out exactly how big is the mold problem. You can either have to do just a simply cleaning or an entire blasting project. When you are doing an inspection, you need to have the right equipment for protection. You may need a body protective covering, boot coverings and even a hood.

Mold removal

Preparations for removing the mold should start with some fans in the vents so that the air will move continuously. This way you’ll breathe a lot better when you are under the house. Use a plastic barrier between you and the ground and install also flood lights for better vision. The plastic sheet that you’ll use can be used for collecting the mold after it has been taken off from different surfaces.

Mold removal chemicals

You can choose from two different types of chemicals. The first one is a liquid spray used mostly to saturate the area and the second one is also a spray but used for foaming. The second choice it has the disadvantage that you have to remove the mold from the surface after you have killed it.

The blast mold

When the mold has had some time to grow before you noticed it, you may need to use a surface blaster. This happens mostly when nobody has been living in a home for some time or because of lack of ventilation. Blasting the mold with high pressure particles will have an immediate effect. It will take some time to finish the entire house because you need to blast every single nook and cranny in the crawlspace.

Measures of prevention

Even if you have removed the mold now, it can reappear in the future. In this case, you have to install dehumidifiers to evacuate the moisture and adequate ventilation.

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