Using Epoxy for basement leaks

At some time, the basement walls will have cracks in them and the water will get into your basement and cause moisture problems. Epoxy is a very good solution for these cracks because the result will be more durable and stronger. You will find here everything you need to know about repairing leaks with epoxy.

Examining the leaks

If after a close look you find out that the pipes are causing the leaks, then you may need professional help for repairing them. If you are lucky and the leaks were caused by cracks, then epoxy can be used very easily for solving the problem.

Cleaning the walls

You can’t start working on cracks before you have cleaned the walls. Using a wire brush,
you have to remove every piece of dirt and debris around the crack. Also, the wall needs to be dried or else the epoxy will come off after you have applied it. Choose a day in which there will be no sign of raining and quick up things by using a blower for faster drying.

Using mortar for large gaps

For large gaps, you can use mortar. A putty knife can help you to fill the gaps entirely and then let them to dry as long as it needs.

Applying epoxy sealant

After you have mixed epoxy and hardener, you apply it over the cracks filled with mortar. When the drying is finished, use a sander for making the surfaces smoother. If what you have done until now is not enough, you can proceed to the following steps.

Injectable epoxy

Using this method is much better for a crack to be repaired. Using a dispenser tool, the epoxy can be injected into the cracks. All you have to do next is letting it harden.

Sealing the basement walls

Before starting the sanding part, you should make sure that the cracks have been repaired correctly. Using epoxy sealant, the surfaces of the walls will be sprayed according to the instructions. If you think it’s necessary, a second coat of sealing can be applied but only after the first one is well dried. In the end, the room can be painted with a convenient color.

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