Vapor barrier location

Vapor barrier represent a very effective solution for basement water problems. Vapor barriers will prevent moisture from entering your basement or home. Before buying the vapor barrier, you will need to think where to install it.


The best way to install a vapor barrier is in the room that you want to protect from moisture. It’s also much easier to install it on the floor, then on the ceiling of the room below.

The easiest way to install it is in the sub-floor, but this should be done when building the floor. Also, installing the vapor barrier in the sub-floor means that if moisture accumulates under the barrier, it will help grow mold and mildew.

The barrier needs to be placed under the floor joists. Use a staple gun to fix it to the joists. To make sure the barrier is effective, make sure that it’s sealed completely. Overlap the barrier sheets and use polyurethane tape to seal them together.

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