Waterproof foundation on a damp basement floor

In order to protect your house in case of a damp basement floor, the solution is waterproofing. This task is not complicated at all. You don’t need any outside help and it’s not expensive either.


You can start waterproofing your floor only when it’s completely clean. Using a broom, you have to wipe everything off including corners and crevices. After the broom, you take a wet vac and continue cleaning. In the end, use a mop to clean the floor with water making sure that there is nothing which can stop the materials to bond with the concrete. Don’t let anyone to come in the basement until it’s completely dried.


After the cleaning part is over, see if there are any cracks on the walls and floor. If you find cracks, fill them with concrete and after it will dry sand it down. When all the cracks have been repaired, repeat the vacuuming and mopping part again to leave the basement as it was before.


The primer will be applied only on a dry area. You should apply all the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to get the best result in the end. For areas that are easy to access you can use a roller but for edges and corners you may need a brush. You need to apply the primer just once and basement floor will be protected. After you have finished, clean the brush and the roller because if you don’t do that immediately, you won’t be able to use them again.

Waterproof agent

When the primer is dried, you can proceed to the waterproof agent. After applying it with the brush and the roller, leave it like that until it’s completely dried. The best result for the basement floor will be achieved only after the second coat of waterproofing has been applied. This way, you will fill every single gap that may allow the moisture to enter the basement and destroy your entire work. After the entire floor has been covered, look closely to see if there is any spot you might have forgotten. Openings are generally important areas so you should pay more attention to them before saying that you have finished your job.

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