Waterproofing your basement using crystalline capillary

Waterproofing your basement has become one of the most important maintenance tasks for homeowners. There are many ways for a homeowner to waterproof his basement and one of the most effective ones is the crystalline capillary, that is also known as CWM.

Because concrete is a porous material is will absorb the CWM and create a waterproof surface.

How to prepare the surface

Before you apply the CWM to the walls of your basement, you will need to make some preparations, like scrapping any traces of old paint from the walls, cleaning them.

Make sure the walls do not have holes or cracks in them, and if they do, then make sure you repair them.

Wall moisture

Applying the CWM requires that the walls are moist. Otherwise the paste will not adhere to the surface. Also to prepare the CWM you will need to use water to prepare the mixture. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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