When to re-waterproof your basement

Water problems are very common in homes. Using an effective waterproofing system is essential. This will prevent water from affecting your basement and the structure of your home.

Replacing a waterproofing system

So you had installed a waterproofing system, but how do you know when to replace it? Well some systems are guaranteed to work for years, but it also depends on how the severe the water problems are inn your basement or home. If you have serious dampness problems, then a system will surely work for 5 years, but you should check annually.

Ground water

If you live in a marshy area, or if you have annual flooding problems, then you should replace the waterproofing system every year to ensure maximum protection.

Waterproofing treatment

Treatments also last longer if you handle the drainage problems first, and also if they are made by professionals. Basic waterproofing treatments will last a shorter period of time.

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