When to replace a sump pump

Many basements have a sump pump installed as a backup plan for a basement flood. But sometimes, if used intensively, sump pumps can become defective. Here’s when you should replace your sump pump.


If your sump pump is making a lot of noise, then it means it has a problem with its motor. Inspect the impeller and see if its bent. If the impeller it’s bent, then you will have to replace the sump pump.

Not working

If the pump is not working at all, then make sure it get power. Inspect the main panel box and use an electrical tester.

Also operate the float to see if the pump starts working. Sometimes it’s a float switch problem.

Electric problem

If the pump received electricity but it doesn’t work, then it means it has an electrical power. Check the electrical wiring and if it cannot be fixed, then you should replace the pump.

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